Identification of the Null and Alternative Hypotheses Questions

I’m working on a statistics question and need guidance to help me study. 1. Context 2. Do undergraduates sleep less than graduate students?A student conducted a study of sleep habits at a large state university. His hypothesis is that undergraduates will party more and sleep less than graduate students. He surveyed random samples of 75 undergraduate students and 50 graduate students. Subjects reported the hours they sleep in a typical night.For this hypothesis test, he defined the population means as follows: * 1μ1 is the mean number of hours undergraduate students sleep in a typical night. * 2 μ2is the mean number of hours graduate students sleep in a typical night. ### Variables _Hours_ : typical number of hours a student sleeps each night _Program_ : undergraduate or graduate 3. 4. 5. ### Prompt 1. State the null and alternative hypotheses. Include a clear description of the populations and the variable. 2. Explain why we can safely use the two-sample T-test in this case. 3. State a conclusion in the context of this problem. 4. 5. answer all the questions from the prompt 6. No outside sources at all. 7.… use this graph to answer the prompt

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