IBU CNUAS Marriot Hotel In Turkey Project

Part one: The IBAP – is the individual part of the group project and you will need the self motivate finish this project in week Two. Make sure you have visited the resource center created for this project. This will be a 9+ page report country market screening. It is based on the first 5 points in the IBAP. Content Quality and Details: 1. Cover page (Course No/Title, name of the Professor and Course Term/Month, Student info.) _____ 2. Establishment of a company – Name, logo, meanings, Mission (Marriott hotels in Turkey)_____ 3. Overall Environmental Analysis of the selected nation __Turkey___ a. ____ Social e. ____ Cultural b. ____ Economic f. ____ Political/Governmental c. ____ Technological g. ____ Legal/Regulations 4. SWOT Analysis of Foreign Nation 5. country risk analyses Part two: Upload the individual PPT here for the presentation of your IBAP or Country plan Excellent work used quality design for your minimum 10 slides -20 Excellent number of presentation slides with quality use of graphics-20 Excellent covering all main points. -20 Excellent presentation audience would understand presentation-20 Excellent overall interesting points of the analysis as well-20 Proposal for projects No need for fancy transitions or grade A movies. Watch your ahs and keep it professional and fun. Part 3: _We all have the right to have our opinions on specific issues. However, this is a business course and we need opinions that are backed by Facts and Quantitative Information (F &QI): Numbers, data, statistics, tables, graphs, charts, etc. Use the text and at should be at least 1400- 1600 words in depth. _ **_Assume you are the CEO of an MNC and have tentatively selected a Host Country for a Hotel Start Up. (Turkey and A Marriott )_** 1. Based on the explanations provided in p. 110 in Topics and190 of the textbook, describe the **relevance of the economy for international business, your firm and your FDI project.** 2. What measures of the economy (economic indicators) will allow you to judge **what is in store for your industry and your firm now and over the next three years**? **List and explain** these indicators and rank their relative importance from highest to lowest. 3. Where do you find reputable sources of **economic and socio-economic indicators**? What economic indicator has the most crucial influence on your company’s FDI in that country? 4. **Explain the meaning** of GNI, PPP, the Big Mac Index, the underground economy, unit labor costs and unit labor productivity. Required A good quality work

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