HU How Toys Influence Gender Socialization in Human Life & Also Animals Essay

**(Grammar errors will result in a rejected paper)** **(Native like English writing skills required)** **(950 words, Apa Format)** **——————————–** **Subject of the paper:** How Toys influence Gender Socialization (Looking for tutors who understand Social Science concept and this is NOT a generalized paper) **Requirement:** **Instructions:** Visit the 3 biggest online toy retailer websites (Target, Walmart, Amazon). Observe and take detailed notes of what you see in terms of gender and toys. Compare the “boys” toys with the “girls” toys. Then, complete a 4-5 page essay (min. 950 words) on how toys influence gender socialization. Your reference page does not count toward your word count. You should write more than one draft. Do not write this paper the night before. Take your time and revise, revise, revise. And, consider visiting the writing center if you need additional support for writing (see syllabus for information). **Essay:** Themes/questions to think about when writing your essay. Your paper will examine how children are socialized into gender roles by looking at toys as a social indicator of gendered expectations. Your paper should have a clear thesis, and lay out the following: **Organization of essay:** Paragraph 1 will begin with an introductory sentence followed by your thesis statement (you should italicize your thesis). Your thesis should explicitly demarcate what you intend to argue and focus on in your paper. Then, you need to provide an in-depth overview of gender socialization and gender roles. Your paper must also articulate how gender is a social construction (you must reference at least 5 concepts in book!). In doing this, you should discuss how masculinity and femininity are social categories that maintain inequality, make sure to discuss gender roles, as well. Choose 2-3 toys for each gender that represent common “gendered themes” that you identified. You should then analyze the findings from your study of toys and gender. End with a conclusion that re-states your thesis, main argument(s), and findings. Some questions to consider about your data on toys: What types of toys are associated with girls versus boys (active, cognitive, violent, domestic, etc.)? What social messages do they reflect, and what do they tell us about gender roles and expectations. What colors are used in each section? What qualities or characteristics do the toys model for children? What impact might these toys have on boys and girls at a young age? What type of jobs/roles are the toys preparing children for when they become adults? What do the boys’ toys tell us about violence and masculinity? What do the girls’ toys tell us about femininity as it relates to beauty, domesticity, fashion, sexuality, and consumption? How might toys influence political beliefs (war, strict gender norms, violence)? Other things to think about: is one race represented more on the toys or their packaging? Be specific. You must write a formal argumentative essay, which articulates a sociological argument based on the social construction of gender (gender is a socially produced category, that reinforces inequality). You must have a clear thesis statement (what the essay will argue about gender, socialization, and toys), clear evidence (theoretical support from the readings, and examples from your “toy data”). Avoid using long quotes, instead paraphrase (and cite) and include some sociological theories from the textbook. Your fieldwork report must engage sociological theories discussed in the class to support your argument. You may also use information from lecture (lecture must too be cited by the date of the class). This is NOT an opinion paper; instead, you need to explore this topic from a sociological perspective. You should skillfully, and thoughtfully, integrate terms and concepts from the book to ground your paper (no outside sources besides your textbook). _**In Conflict and Order**_ **Chapter 10 “Gender Inequality”** Sociological Concepts that will be useful to draw on to support your analysis: Gender Roles Conflict perspective on gender Gender socialization Doing Gender Learning Gender through Play Learning Gender at Home Mass media (advertising) Male Dominance Structural Gender Inequality at the Workplace Occupational Sex Segregation Intersection of Race and Gender in the Workplace Read over this synopsis of some relevant research on the topic of gender and toys. (Links to an external site.) **Data Set** : Your toy inventory will act as your data set. You should use your data set to provide specific examples in your fieldwork report. You must therefore perform a toy _inventory_ of 20 toys (10 from the “girls” section and 10 from the “boys” section). **YOUR DATA SET MUST BE ATTACHED TO THE ESSAY** Your inventory should include: (1) the name of the toy; (2) a brief description of the toy; (3) a short description of its packaging. Make sure your paper answers the above questions in an essay form (your inventory will NOT count toward the word count, but is required for you to turn in). **Logistical Information:** Before turning in your paper, make sure your paper meets ALL of the following requirements or you will lose points for each item you did not follow directions on. I suggest you check each of the following off before turning in your paper: (1) Cover page which includes all of the following in this order: 1. a) your name 2. b) Gender Socialization & Toys 3. c) SOCIO 1 4. d) Dr. Wilson 5. e) Word count (e.g. Word Count) 6. f) Make sure your data set is included at the back of the essay (2) Formatting: 1. a) Times New Roman, 12 point font, 1-inch margins (no exceptions), double-spaced 2. b) MLA citation style 3. c) page numbers at bottom of each page after the cover (the cover page does not count as a page number) 4. d) You must also have a reference page at the end, following MLA guidelines. You also must cite properly, the author’s name within your essay when you paraphrase. Nothing whatsoever can be taken or used from any outside resources, books, internet. Everything you need will be from the course readings and your inventory. **Other information** : **Reminder:** * APA Format * No plagiarism is accepted (people are checked through two different systems for plagiarism) * Only academic resources should be used, _no older than 5 years old_ * Adhere to the requested number of words/pages * No Grammar errors (refunds will be asked for incoherent/ full of grammar errors papers) ***** Coherent and correctly written papers are the only ones accepted***** **——–** **Thank you for your support**

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