HU Developing an IT Function for Improvements in Manufacturing Grant Proposal Essay

****You will prepare a grant proposal with the following components: 1. Cover Sheet/Face Page 2. Executive Summary (1 page) 3. Table of contents 4. Introduction 5. Problem Statement or Statement of Need 6. Objectives (outcomes/products/programs) 7. Procedures or Methods 8. Impact of the grant 9. Staffing and Facilities 10. Budget and narrative 11. Evaluation 12. Future funding 13. Description of the Organization 14. Attach information (website, other valid source) about a real organization or funding source that you determined is a good match for your grant proposal. You can approach this assignment in three different ways: 1. Think about a leisure services-related organization (Public or NFP) for which you would like to write a grant. Consider: What other services could they offer? Or, what equipment/supplies/facilities could they use, or would like to see constructed. 2. Before beginning the proposal, come up with a program idea related to recreation or tourism. What is the purpose of your program/project? What organization might offer this type of program? What type of support would be needed for this organization to do so (general operating, capital, seed money)? 3. Find a foundation that supports a recreation/leisure-related project and then develop your idea around their funding requirements. Then find an organization that might be a good match. Consider: What type of support is needed (general operating, capital, seed money)? 4. Another approach could be, plan a program or project FOR AN EXISTING ORGANIZATION where financial, budgeting, and staffing information is readily available. In this approach, you would be advocating for a real-life organization. 5. Research and select an ACTUAL funding source that awards grant money in support of the causes or programs that are aligned with your project. Prepare a grant application and proposal to the foundation with the 14 components described in this assignment. Other guidelines to follow: 1. A well written, professional quality, cover letter is required. 2. Use 12 pt. Times New Roman font. 3. Do not start each section on a new page. It can be a running document. 4. For your cover sheet, include the information you find in most grant applications. 5. What is the need or problem that will be addressed/eliminated by the grant? 6. What doesn’t exist now that will be produced and will still remain when the money is gone? 7. How much money is needed and how will it be spent?

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