Howard University Mr Chaplins Vision Concepts Discussion

I’m working on a sociology discussion question and need guidance to help me understand better. Watch the first 18 minutes of Modern Times. Youtube shows this film on various sites. The available sites seem to be dependant upon your browser and your location. 2. You will compare and contrast Mr. Chaplin’s vision with other sources as you prepare your posting. Your posting will include your observations from the film 3. Discuss at least five of the following concepts using the video, a. job satisfaction b. Alienation c. self-actualization d. Job autonomy e. continuous process autonomy a. Give your definition of meaningful work, b. Compare how meaningful work has changed over the last 75 years and c. Predict at least possible changes in the workplace are taking place or may take place in the future, d. Describe at least one unintended consequence of one of these changes. 4. What did you learn f. inverted U curve of technology and Alienation g. Bullying h. Job stress i. Role strain j. Role conflict k. Comparison group l. social stratification (age, gender, race, ethnicity, hierarchy, and social status) m. job-worker fit n. Intrinsic rewards o. Extrinsic rewards p. Commitment q. Resistance and sabotage r. social control

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