Having Clear Goals Discussion

What motivates people to act is one of my favorite topics of discussion. I always say, if I know what motivates you; I can predict what behaviors you will exhibit. I have been taught a number of theories to include Maslow’s Theory, and the concept of intrinsic, and extrinsic motivators. Another concept that comes to mind is whether people are motivated more by achievement (success) or pain (to avoid pain). **Question(s) #1:** In your opinion, are employees or organizations motivated more by being successful [e.g. making a societal impression, difference in the world, making profits] or avoiding pain [e.g. law suits, loss of business, bad press]? How does each view or perspective impact that behavior of a company? **Question(s) #2:** We know that goal setting is critically important in business, and in our personal lives. But explain how does goal setting impact our ability to achieve success in a business environment? Why is tracking, and re-evaluating goals so important in the goal setting Process? Action Requested: **Please answer one of the two question streams. ** **150 Words ** **Two Peer response 50-75 words ** **I will screenshot that.**

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