Growth Strategy for Facebook Playback Strategy and Executive Summary Paper

******Attached is a compiled document of all the work done for this assignment. Please go through the attached rubric for detailed information on completing this assignment. ***** Your final, synthesized Strategy Playbook for Extraordinary Results is due at the end of this week, and it represents what can be thought of as a form of “Due Diligence Analysis,” where you are trying to step into the role of either a consultant to a senior leadership team, or are a member of that team, and where you are preparing a “forward-looking,” “crisp,” and “impactful” analysis about where you think the company ought to be going over the next 5 years or so, and how it might get there. To prepare your Final Draft: Review this week’s media piece _Capstone Strategy Playbook for Exceptional Results: Description of the Playbook_. This media piece provides a description of the contents of the Strategy Playbook, which was also a resource for you in Week 1. #### BY DAY 7 Submit your playbook, which includes the following elements: 1. A cover page 2. A written Executive Summary that provides key highlights of your playbook 3. A strategy map or other playbook summary diagram 4. An appendix, your synthesized, integrated compilation of your previous playbook entries General Format: All sections should be single-spaced. Start with a cover page and begin numbering the pages with the Executive Summary and continue the page numbers through the very end (Appendix included). References should be included after the Appendix and follow APA sixth edition format. > _Note: Your paper should have a cover page with a title for the recommended > strategy that describes the strategy, like “Maru-C” (“Encircle > Caterpillar”), which was a large-scale strategy that Komatsu strove for in > the 1980s._ ####

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