Grossmont College Concept Operationalization and Measurement on Bullying Question

_Individual Measurement, Operationalization and Variables_ Base on your team, operationalize your assigned concept. (1) You should complete each step in the process and document your steps. (2) Next, find an existing operationalization of your variable from a reliable and known source. (3) Finally, select a second variable (not listed below) and write a relational statement with one dependent and independent variable. Your assignment will have three parts. The PPT uses truancy as a example. Crime – Individuals on team 1 Recidivism – Individuals on team 2 Delinquency – Individuals on team 3 Parole – Individuals on team 4 Offender – Individuals on team 5 Bisexuality – Individuals on team 6 Bullying – Individuals on team 7 Harassment – Individuals on team 8

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