Greenwich Effects of Community Disorder on Informal Social Control Critical Essay

Please include the following areas in the critical essay (assessment criteria): * Information and background about the theoretical approach, such as the academic context of when it was first introduced – where, when, by whom, the social, political and economic context of the time – and how it has developed further until today. * Critical analysis and evaluation of the development of the approach – what was the criticisms? How did it change with time? How did the approach affect research (or not)? Did the approach affect criminological practice? How? * A discussion of the impact the approach has had on criminology up until today – have these ideas inspired further research, are they controversial, are they still influential today? * The essay needs to be well written, in clear, grammatically correct English. The essay needs to be clearly structured with a beginning, middle and end. The essay should also be correctly referenced and have a reference list. You will need to do your own research in finding suitable sources .

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