Grand Canyon University Service Dogs Discussion

just need a transcript post written out. Asap. Thank you 6.1 For this discussion board assignment, make an initial post that consists of a Canvas recorded video with oral presentation, accompanied by a posted written transcript of the initial post’s oral presentation content. Follow-on posts should be written and need not be video recorded. Answer the following questions and post your responses: 1. How should an office/work setting make accommodations for a disabled person whose service dog is his or her constant companion? 2. State three ways in which you, as a leader, could promote acceptance of and support for disabled people and their service dogs? 3. Research a situation (a legal case or a news story, for example) involving an employee and the employees service animal. Describe the situation, the parties involved, and the outcome or the current status of the situation. Respond to the situation. If you were a leader, what would you do differently or better?

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