Grand Canyon University Community Health & Vulnerable Populations Discussion

I’m working on a nursing Discussion and need a sample draft to help me study. Topic: identify a population at risk in a selected community. A few indicators of a population would be vulnerable populations or those at risk, for example, the homeless, adolescents, pregnant, elderly, and those with associated health problems such as diabetes, STDs, malnutrition, cancer, obesity, cardiovascular disease, lung disease, etc To start your search and interest you might look at your community assessment, or look at information in your local public health department websites, the CDC, (CDC Wonder databases and Healthypeople 2020, 2030) and other evidence- based websites that the CDC supports. Address the following points: Briefly describe the selected community and practice setting, the determinants of health, and health problems that are magnified. What population is most at risk and that you have identified. Define the population and particular issues related to health risks and problems. Must contain at least (2) professional references in APA format

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