Grace Christian University Effects of Population Growth Discussion

### FIVE: Population Assignment In spite of common perceptions, and many activist groups, humanity has made some strong efforts to support the Earth and the environment throughout the centuries.  As the calls for reform echo in the media, it’s important for us to understand the positive effects of human activity.   The purpose of this assignment is to explain how the growing population can affect the Earth.  If a population gets too large for the geographic area, what will happen?  There are both positive and negative implications for overpopulation. * View the video: Related Positive Effects of Population Growth * Explain in a 1-page essay the following: * How does a growing population affect the Earth? * How does human population growth have a positive impact on the Earth? * How does human population growth have a negative impact on the Earth? * What biblical principles apply to population, especially when considering the dignity of humans because they are created in God’s image?

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