Glendale Community College Glengarry Glen Ross vs Death of A Salesman Discussion

I’m working on a english discussion question and need support to help me learn. Let me say that this is one of the few texts we have studied this term that is not _explicitly_ about mathematics or mathematical thinking. That said, I’d welcome any analyses of this play involving mathematics, but this one’s for anyone who signed on for this course, regardless of the theme. _Glengarry Glen Ross (GGGR)_ is an amazing movie. I highly recommend it. The A-list actors in this movie all took cuts in their normal compensation packages to play roles in this movie adaptation of David Mamet’s legendary play. Mamet characterizes this play as a modern-day version of _Death of a Salesman (DOAS)._ In both _DOAS_ and the scene from _GGGR,_ we meet men trying to seem important. Discuss the role of masculinity in both this scene from GGGR and DOAS. How is masculinity defined in this play and this scene from GGGR? What do we learn about what people expect of men and what men expect of themselves? (There could be very _indirect manifestations_ of this masculinity. For example, in _DOAS_ , consider Willie’s comments about naming Howard and Blake’s response in GGGR when asked his name. The act of naming is very masculine in the Judeo-Christian tradition. In the Bible, Adam is permitted by God to name everything in the Garden of Eden. Naming is power. It is unidirectional.) * Be sure to cite at least two quotations each from DOAS and GGGR to substantiate your response, and show how each quote — sequentially and methodically — supports your idea. * Intense scrutiny is not the same as sloppy writing. You should be economical in your writing — and _deep and expansive_. More words are not the same as more ideas. Remember your paragraphs about the geometric proof. Remember to integrate quotations with good verbs and strong signal phrases. * Observe MLA guidelines regarding in-text citation. Incorporate at least one idea — explaining whether you agree or disagree with it — from my lecture. * Be sure to entertain more exploratory questions or personal connections, as I did throughout the lecture. Any connections to the random entry? Any analyses about camera techniques in GGGR? * Use deductive reasoning **and** inductive reasoning, _each_ _at least once,_ in your paragraphs. Place your **deductive reasoning in bold** and your _inductive reasoning in italics_. * Avoid logical fallacies in your own writing, but feel free to point them out elsewhere. * At the end of your post, show your deductive reasoning in the form of an equation, as I have done in my examples (i.e. Whale = large fish, large fish = scales, etc.).

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