Game Changers Documentary Reflection Paper

I’m working on a Health & Medical exercise and need support. 1.Dirty Money (Point Comfort) on Netflix 2.Pandemic: Out to Prevent an Outbreak (Season 1, Episode 2) – Pandemic is Now (Netflix) 3.A Plastic Ocean (Netflix) 4.Game Changers (Netflix) 5. Any of the following free documentaries:… Answer the following questions in a Word document: 1. What is the principal subject of this documentary? What is its principal purpose? Does it argue for a position? Does it critique a position? What kind of impact does it seek to achieve with – and upon – its intended audience? 2. Does this documentary film make specific choices about what material is to be recorded in relation to the direct observation by the camera operator/director? If so, what kinds of choices, of what should be included and what not, and what kinds of images should be emphasized and what de- emphasized? What, in short, does the documentary film maker look at, and encourage us to look at – and to see – as most important about the principal subject of his or her film? 3. Does this documentary film include directly solicited observation, information, reflection, or commentary by witnesses, experts, and other participants in relation to the documentary subject? What kinds of witnesses, experts, and/or other participants does the film maker find most useful, how does she or he use them to get the film’s chief points across, and what kind of response does the film maker seek to evoke by using these subjects as she or he does? 4. Does the documentary film maker use any other kinds of illustrative or suggestive material (such as animated or still photographic images, and dramatic reconstructions or reenactments) to get her or his points across? If so, what, and to what effect? 5. How would you evaluate the effectiveness of this documentary film? Why? pick one of the five choices and write 1.5 to 2 pages and answer all questions

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