Food Storage Discussion Forum

I’m working on a tourism discussion question and need support to help me learn. # Food Storage Discussion Forum # Class The link below leads to an article about Food Waste:… _____________________________________ Part 1- Choose a topic from the article. Write a 4 to 5 line paragraph for the topic you chose in the Discussion. ____________________________________ Part 2- You must also give a reply of at least 2 sentences to another student’s topic. Your entries into this discussion must be thought out and meaningful. No small entries or statements like “I agree”. You must add to the conversation. ================================= Label and Check Food Storage: This is not only good advice, through personal experience in the kitchen, this works. With food cooked in the kitchen it is eventually stored with many similar looking containers or food items. So generally, it is labeled with the name of the food or item in question and the date it can be considered “unsafe” and thrown out. The ability to immediately tell the difference between two similar looking soups, like pumpkin and tomato is a godsend. It also helps with the FIFO (First In First Out) rule, an employee can glance at the date to determine which of two food items of the same type should be used first. – George Lucey ================================== Remember FIFO: Not only important in restaurant or supermarket storage, but it is also a great tip for storing the food and products at home. I find this rotation is so important to always have fresh products and avoid wasting them as they become expired or spoiled. At home, my mom always has a problem of storing the food in the refrigerator for too long that it is no longer hold the best quality. She would buy the product when it freshly made but cook and eat when it so old as she recalls having it unused. More importantly, you never want to serve the customer any expired or bad quality food and products. So, FIFO is the key to remember as you store anything that is perishable. – Chi Huynh ==================================

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