Everyday Leadership Drew Dudley Lollipop Moments Question

I’m working on a business question and need a sample draft to help me study. Answer below questions in 1000 words use at least peer reviewed journal. Use APA format. Everyday Leadership. Simply put, everyday leadership is when employees take intentional and daily action to foster better connection, communication and community within their organization, while working together toward one shared vision. A moment where someone said something or did something that you feel fundamentally made your life better? We need to redefine leadership as being about lollipop moments, how many of them we create, how many of them we acknowledge, how many of them we pay forward, and how many of them we say thank you for. Google: Drew Dudley ‘Lollipop Moments’ on Youtube. 1. Have you had a lollipop moment? 2. How comfortable are you taking credit for your leadership or something else you do well? 3. How easily do you give credit to others? 4. Is drawing attention to oneself ever a useful strategy? www.huffingtonpost.ca>leadership-ted-x_b_1989764 www.insperity.com

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