Ernst & Young Foundation Accounting Data & Techwear Analytics Mindset Case Study

Part 3 : It is now year two (2016) of TechWear’s operations. You will be provided with more background on the order-to-cash cycle based on interviews the audit team conducted with key personnel. You will be asked to review the accounts receivable and sales processes and complete an audit data-planning analysis template (included in the instruction file). For the accounts receivable and sales processes, you will be asked for the auditing objective (or intention), what could go wrong (risks), and the mitigating control(s). You are not required to complete the data analysis auditing procedure to be performed and the corresponding data required for each procedure, but you may attempt those for additional credit opportunities. Instructions: The instructions for Part 3 are included in the document below. Submission: You may add your analysis to the table in the Word document attached, or you may submit an Excel file with your planning template (using the same column headings) completed through the assignment link.

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