ENGL City College of San Francisco Women and Top Leadership Positions Discussion

I’m working on a english discussion question and need an explanation to help me learn. TOP GIRLS (ACT 1) Add a new discussion post in this forum (to do so, just click the “reply” button below). In your post please include the following: * Pick one element that seems important or distinctive and discuss how it is used in the play. Tell us why you think that is interesting or important and how it impacts the play. Here are some aspects of fiction that you might consider * the title * the setting * a character or characters * a structural element of the story (the beginning, significant middle structure, or end) * the line of the plot (specifically if it is not chronological in order) * the style of the language or dialogue * use of metaphor * the point of view * the tone * Please include at least one Golden Line and specific details about the element you choose. * Also discuss how the element and Golden Line(s) you chose tie into the overall theme * What else seems interesting or relevant about the play? Anything else you want to talk about! Engage, explore, have fun! * Initial Response Thursday * Respond to 2 classmates- by Saturday

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