Empirical Investigation of Student Achievement & Satisfaction Article Critique Paper

Using the readings and lecture, critique the article (Lim, Kim, Chen, & Ryder, 2008) (I will send it to you) included in Learning . Use the key questions for evaluating research described in Mertler & Charles, such as: Is the research design appropriate for studying this research questions? Is sampling plan appropriate? Are the data collection techniques reliable & valid? Is the data collection method used in the article the best fit for the topic being studied? What ethical issues does this study raise? Would the findings make sense in your school/district? Post your critique here and then respond to two classmates’ posts.(i will send them to you ) Offer suggestions for how the issues identified could be improved in a new or alternate form of research inquiry. Be sure to use course readings and citations to explain the key concepts you are applying to your critique.

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