ECO 110HA Saint Leo University Goal Setting and Incentives Research Paper

**PART 1** After watching the _Freakonomics_ video clip on the incentives that sumo wrestlers face, it shows that there are times when rational people will choose to cheat in order to get a greater payoff. **** Has there ever been a situation that you faced where the incentives before you were such that the cheaters had an advantage? Describe how you handled the situation, and how Saint Leo’s core value of responsible stewardship could help you when facing a similar situation in the future. **PART 2** Compare and contrast two events motivated by incentives, one where the self- interested behavior was good for society and the other where it was bad. Must be at least 1000 words. Here is one resource that can be used it is a part of the module. And needed to be included in part 2. Also when doing references, please use and cite websites correctly.

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