Eastern Illinois University Ford Motor Company Case Study

Case Study 1 Guidelines 1.Description of the organization you researched (you will pick the organization) a. What is the organization’s history/background? b. How does the organization’s history affect the way it perceives and manages diversity? c. Who is the CEO? What is her/his background? i. How does his/her background or experience impact the organization’s commitment to diversity? 2. Research method a. Describe how you are gathering/going to gather data (you will need at least three – and these sources must be listed on a reference page as well) i. Examples: web sites, personal experience, material from the organization (annual report, pamphlets, etc), books, magazine articles, newspaper articles, journal articles, etc. ii. Remember – you are also using the book to strengthen your claims so the textbook should be included here as well 3. Diversity policy a. Explain what type of diversity policy the organization currently has in place. b. Are the employees, managers, and executive knowledgeable about this policy? If so, how do the employees respond to this policy? 4. Diversity culture a. Does the company seem to demonstrate leadership support regarding diversity? i. Why or why not? b. Does the company seem to engage employees as partners? i. Why or why not? c. What evidence (if any) did you find showing that the organization tries to link diversity goals to business goals? 5. Analyze the diversity commitment on their website by answering the following questions a. Part 1 i. Is material on diversity or a link to a diversity section found on the Website’s homepage? ii. Is the organization’s definition of diversity and its diversity mission statement clearly articulated on the website? Is it easy to locate? iii. After reading the main diversity section, do you clearly understand the company’s stance on diversity? iv. Is there a statement on the Web site by the CEO reflecting the organization’s commitment to diversity? v. Does the Web site material address diversity-related issues such as employee-resource groups, recruiting strategies, diversity training, supplier diversity, community relations, and so on? vi. Are diversity videos easily accessible, in which the CEO, director of diversity, HR executive, and/or employees discuss the company’s commitment to diversity? vii. Are current annual diversity reports accessible from the company’s web site? a. If so what information is on it? viii. Does the Web site contain current information on the company’s diversity awards and any diversity related news? ix. Do images on the Web site represent the diversity of the organization’s employees and customers? a. Do not just say yes or no. Provide evidence for you claims x. Does the information on the website seem to take on a masculine or feminine tone? a. Do not just say neutral, masculine, or feminine. Provide evidence for you claims. Use the book and the articles we read in class to compare and provide examples b. Part 2 i. After answering the above questions, do you think this company does a good job of expressing their commitment to diversity through their website? What are two or three reasons why you believe this way? ii. What suggestions would you give the company to strengthen their website (regarding diversity)? 5. Managing Diversity Questionnaire a. Complete the managing diversity questionnaire using this company (some of these you may have to just guess) b. Describe how the organization scored for each of the levels: individual attitudes, organizational values, and management practices c. Briefly explain why you think they got these scores on the questionnaire 6. Disabilities a. Compared to IBM, CISCO, and General Motors (case study in chp 10), how do you think this company compares (in relation to including disabilities in their diversity component)? 1. Provide specific examples to back up your answer comparing the organization you chose to the three listed above. b. Do you think they view the recruitment and retention of people with disabilities as a competitive advantage? Why or why not? 7. Gender a. What information did you find regarding the company’s commitment to gender diversity? b. Do you feel the website and company resources take on more of a feminine or masculine tone? 8. Overall Analysis/Conclusion a. From the information you have gathered, what is your opinion regarding the company’s commitment to diversity? b. Provide two or three suggestions for how the company can strengthen their commitment to diversity

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