Diablo Valley College Anti Intellectualism and Christianity Teaching Paper

I’m working on a english writing question and need a sample draft to help me understand better. Directions: Read the article below then answer the questions at the bottom of this page. **QUESTIONS:** **At the end of this article, James Knight poses a series of questions that he suggests “all of us need to think about.” Choose TWO of the questions that he poses (listed below) and provide your own answers. (1-2 paragraphs for each question will suffice.)** **1. Why is free thought viewed by many as subversive and conspiratorial?** **2. Why are people willing to accept (indeed seek) as answers and solutions to complex and multi-faceted problems simple slogans that will fit onto a bumper sticker? ** **3. Why is depicting an opponent as an “egghead” generally a very successful political strategy? ** **4. Is religion (accepting things on faith) a source of anti- intellectualism? ** **5. Why do some people take pride in the fact that they don’t think? ** **6. Why, even on university campuses and even by some individuals who have advanced college degrees themselves, is anti-intellectualism common?**

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