DeVry University Retail Sales Forecasting with Meta Learning Budget Proposal

### PROJECT ACTIVITY: FINAL BUDGET PROPOSAL AND WORKBOOK Use the Budget Proposal Workbook.xlsx and Budget Proposal Template.docx to finalize the budget proposal and presentation. You will be graded on correct analysis, proper use of spreadsheet and word processing technology, and business-like presentation of the information. #### GRADING RUBRIC FINAL PROJECT PROPOSAL Items| Description| Points —|—|— Content| All parts of the templates are fully completed.| 10 Section 1.0 Executive Summary (CO 8)| The executive summary presents the major details of the budget proposal and adequately describes the business.| 20 Section 2.0 Sales Forecast (CO 3)| The sales forecast is based on sound methodology and is complete.| 20 Section 3.0 Capital Expenditure Budget (CO 2)| The capital expenditure budget is complete with capital expenditure items properly identified.| 20 Section 4.0 Investment Analysis (CO 6)| The investment analysis is complete with NPV, rates of return, payback period, and net cash flow calculations.| 20 Pro Forma Financial Statement Interaction| | 20 Section 5.1 Pro Forma Income Statement (CO 7)| The income statement is properly constructed and is internally consistent.| 20 Section 5.2 Pro Forma Balance Sheet (CO 7)| The balance sheet is properly constructed and is internally consistent.| 25 Section 5.3 Pro Forma Cash Budget (CO 7 & 8)| The cash budget is properly constructed and is internally consistent.| 25 Assumptions and Primary Research| Assumptions and sources of financial estimates are understandable and reasonable for all financial statements.| 20 Total| | 200

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