DePaul University Primary Source vs Secondary Source Discussion

Answer all parts of the questions in complete sentences. 1) Video: What is a primary source? What is a secondary source? 2) Article by Rodriguez: Is it a primary source or a secondary source? How do you know? 3) Article by Rodriguez: Who was Hernan Cortes? Who was Malintzin ( Dona Marina) or La Malinche? What is the traditional origin story? Who was Gonzalo Guerrero? Which origin story is the author arguing for? 4) Mural: Describe the images of the painting. How does the 1975 mural reflect the origins of Mexican-Americans? **Please watch video below in order to answer the first question. Then analyze the mural and read the article for questions 2-4. An attachment for the artcile is also included.** Video: Mural: ![read_between_the_lines-13EBE6FEB8009CD68EA.jpg](

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