Delgado Community College Speech Communications Quiz Questions

******Quiz #4, Chapters 12 & 13** 1. An informative speech does not include a) an attention-getter, b) a thesis, c) an opinion, or d) facts. 1. True/False. Informative speeches cannot state different views on controversial topics. 1. True/False. The type of informative speech determines, to some degree, the organizational pattern. 1. True/False. The more specific your topic makes the research and writing phases of the informative speech more difficult. 1. True/False. Accuracy, clarity, and interest enable a speaker to be effective. 1. According to the authors, the key difference between an informative speech and a persuasive speech is ________________________________. 1. The central idea in a persuasive speech is called a proposition or claim and is defined by the authors as __________________________________________________________. 1. True/False. Using some form of force is beneficial in a persuasive speech. 1. True/False. An audience’s bias against change makes persuasion difficult. 1. True/False. Two-tailed arguments recognize valid counter-arguments and then refute them directly

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