Delgado Community College How Social Media Has Changed Communication Reflection

I’m working on a social science writing question and need a sample draft to help me learn. i need help with writting a reflect paper on 6 way social media has changed communication in 5 paragraph. This is the article… Format: undefined 1st paragraph: * Introduction (introduce reader to the reading, what compelled you to choose this reading) * **CLEARLY STATED THESIS** , * 3 points (drawn from your chosen article from the supplement folder) that supports your thesis — 2nd paragraph: * Discuss your 1st point with supporting evidence drawn from the reading ( **use quotes** ) | 3rd paragraph: · Discuss 2nd point with an example discussed this semester and/or in our textbook — | 4th paragraph: · Discuss 3rd point with an example from your life experience — | 5th paragraph: · Summary and closing statements —

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