Cybersecurity Corporate Business Protection Policy Design & Issues Discussion

In a minimum of 450 words, discuss the topics below: * Describe cybersecurity roles and responsibilities to protect security for the corporate business mission (for example, the Insider threat, Access Controls, Biometric Authentication) and explain why business also may have a cybersecurity responsibility to protect national security through business resilience and Continuity of Operations Planning * Describe what is meant by the term “Cascade Failures,” as it may apply to cyberattacks against critical infrastructures.Do you agree or disagree that businesses should protect national security by expanding their cybersecurity budget to prevent or reduce possible Cascade Failures that may affect their business and other downstream businesses that may depend on them?Justify your answer. # References Malawer, S. (2010, February). Cyberwarfare: Law & Policy Proposals for U.S. & Global Governance. _Virginia Lawyer, 58_ , 28. Retrieved September 21, 2020, from Rosenzweig, P. (2011, January 31). 10 Conservative Principles for Cybersecurity Policy. _Backgrounder_ (2513). Retrieved September 21, 2020, from

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