Cuyamaca College Marriage and Love Critical Thinking Process Project

_A CTP should be 500 words (two type-written pages). It must cover the readings for the day on which it is due/submitted._ FORMAT/PROMPTS FOR WRITING A CTP _1. Summarize at least three (3) readings_ What is the author’s main purpose is? (What is the key question addressed in the reading?) What are the author’s conclusions? What facts, experiences, data, or other evidence does the author use to support her/his conclusions? What are key assumptions that underpin the author’s argument/thinking (what does the author take for granted)? What is the author’s “point of view” (what does the author look at and how does she/he see it)? _2. Respond critically to the readings_ You can respond and demonstrate critical thinking in a number of different ways. Here are some suggestions for how you might respond. You do not have to do all of them, and it would be good to select different options for different CTPs! a. Explain whether you agree or disagree with the arguments made. b. Assess the point of view of the authors and their purposes in writing. c. Explain what is intriguing or controversial about one or more reading. d. Identify something you think is missing (or wrong?) with the argument, evidence, or conclusions presented. e. Compare a reading to one or more of the other readings. f. Include meaningful passages and comment on them. g. Relate the reading(s) to your own experience or to current events in the world around us. _3. Write three (3) questions that can be asked to the class._ The questions required must also be “critical thinking” questions. In other words, don’t write questions that ask for clarification of statements or ideas (about a date, event, or person you don’t recognize, for example). The questions should be analytical questions that ask about conclusions/arguments, about the implications of the conclusions made, about the logic or evidence presented, etc. _4. Cite sources properly in the text; include a bibliography/sources list at the end of the CTP._

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