CUNYLC Evil in Art & Reflection of Evil in Real Life David Copperfield Book Discussion

I’m working on a writing Narrative Essay and need guidance to help me study. Reflect PERSONALLY on the ways in which the experience of evil in ART (i.e., in literature) might relate to the student’s own personal experience (or lack of experience) with evil in LIFE. Here are the literature and themes. _ **Which representation of evil did you PERSONALLY find either most evil or least evil from out the varieties of evil represented in film or literature that we have engaged this semester? Tell why. Offer examples to support your response; and you may use examples from memory if you wish — since you’re not required to cite / quote precise text for this assignment.**_ **Films:** _Chaos_ (2005); _Open Water_ (2003) **** **Theme:** Evil in the Arts: To What End? To the “End” of Evil? Or to the “End” of “the Good”? **Theater-plays (Films):** _Othello, Macbeth, Richard III_ **Theme:** A Master Class in Shakespearean Evil & Villainy **Novels:** C. Dickens’ _David Copperfield;_ M. Shelley, _Frankenstein_ **Theme:** Evil Upbringings: Dickens, “Uriah Heep”; Frankenstein’s “Monster” **Films:** _Harry Potter_ ; _The Exorcist_ **Theme:** Evil Children: “Tom Riddle” in _Harry Potter_ ; “Regan” in _Exorcist_ **Films:** Terrence Malick, _The Thin Red Line_ __ **Theme:** On _a Universal Tendency in Nature to the Dissipation of Mechanical Energy_ (Lord Kelvin): “…an evil, avenging power in nature” (Malick) **Novel/Article:** Thomas Pynchon’s _The Crying of Lot 49;_ Simon Critchley, “What Would David Bowie Do?” **Theme:** _Thanatos–_ An “instinct for death” in “Lot 49”; and an “instinct for death” (and resurrection) in David Bowie’s death-death-bed vision of contemporary culture **Film / Essay:** Martin Scorsese, _Silence_ (2016); Hannah Arendt, on the “Banality of Evil” **Theme:** Arendt’s “Banality of Evil” in _Silence_

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