CUNY Lehman College Plight of Labourers in the Meat Packing Industry Essay

I’m working on a writing report and need support to help me study. # **Topic** Eric Schlosser, Karen Olsson, Maggie Jones, and _The New York Times_ Editorial Board all write about the treatment of laborers in meatpacking plants. All take the broad position that these laborers are treated unfairly and denied dignity; their shared purpose is to persuade readers to adopt this broad position and to take action based on it. However, critical readers will notice that they each develop very different arguments to support this common purpose. For instance, they all focus on different aspects of the meatpacking system and propose different solutions for the problem. The perilousness of meatpacking can be established empirically, but it is open to debate as to who is best able to improve workers’ safety and what should be done about the problem. # **Task** Your job in Essay 1 is to develop an academic argument that clearly states who you believe is best able to improve workers’ treatment and explains why this is the case. Your essay must have a focused point and not simply list several resolutions. To keep your essay focused, take a clear, firm position that does not simply say that all of the authors are correct. After all, if you believe that Schlosser’s solution is the most valid, then you will have to explain why another solution is less valid. Your thesis should clearly define your position and offer a reason supporting its validity. You should support your position by drawing on quotations and limited summary of the articles. You must quote at least two of the articles in your essay. You cannot incorporate independent research. It is important that you refrain from just repeating one of the articles. Instead, you should draw on the articles to support your thesis. Your argument is more than just the position stated in your thesis; your argument is how you put the pieces together in the body of the essay to support your thesis. # **Audience** Assume that your audience has not read the articles. You therefore need to provide enough context and analysis for your audience to understand your argument. Your audience expects a formal essay, so think carefully about word choice and tone. Finally, your audience will be persuaded best by logic, reason, and your use of the articles. Your personal experiences are not directly relevant to your task. ### **Format** ****The essay is to be four full, double-spaced pages long. All drafts must be typed in twelve-point Times New Roman font and formatted according to current MLA guidelines. You must include in-text citations and a works-cited page that follows current MLA guidelines. The due date for the final draft is listed on the syllabus and on your Canvas calendar.

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