CUNY Lehman College Operating Systems For Business Discussion

I’m working on a operating systems writing question and need guidance to help me learn. 2 Pages in length (NO COMPUTING LANGUAGE NEEDED! IT JUST MADE ME CHOOSE 1) 12. Select two of the following professionals: an insurance adjuster, a delivery person for a courier service, a newspaper reporter, a doctor (general practitioner), or a manager in a supermarket. Suggest at least two ways that each person might use a mobile computer to work more efficiently. undefined 13. Give real-world examples of interactive, batch, real-time, and embedded systems and explain the fundamental differences that distinguish each one from the others. undefined 2. In your own words, how often should memory compaction/relocation be performed? Describe the advantages and disadvantages of performing it even more often than recommended. undefined 3. Compare and contrast internal fragmentation and external fragmentation. Explain the circumstances where one might be preferred over the other. undefined 4. Explain the function of the Page Map Table in all of the memory allocation schemes described in this chapter(Paged Memory Allocation, Demand Paging Memory Allocation, Segmented Memory Allocation, and Segmented/Demand Paged Memory Allocation) that make use of it. Explain your answer by describing how the PMT is referenced by other pertinent tables in each scheme.

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