CUNY Bernard M Baruch College FDR JFK & Biden Presidents Inaugural Speeches Comparative Paper

First Part of the Assignment: Biden’s speech: ( ) This week was The Quadrennial Presidential Inauguration Day. President-Elect Joseph R. Biden took the Oath of Office, and became the 46th President of the United States of America. He gave a 20 minute speech mentioned above. The assignment is to watch the ceremony and as much of the speech as you can. To prove you have done so cite a line from part of the speech. And create your own question on some part of the ceremony or speech. {{A typical way Graduate Students are prepared for their doctoral exams – is that the student is told to create their own questions. And then instructed to submit them to the Doctoral committee chair }}- well all you have to do is create a question you are curious about, but DO NOT answer it. undefined Second Part of the Assignment: Watch the following TWO Presidents’ Inaugural Speeches, then pick a sentence from two of the presidents listed below- And create a question for these same two presidents’ inaugural addresses . Then compare and contrast President Biden’s speech and the two presidents inaugural addresses. Pay attention to the conditions in each case. 1- ( ) FDR’ March 4, 1933 Inaugural Address, ( After this one- Congress, on the suggestion of President FDR, adopted a call for the 20th Amendment to be proposed which officially changed the date from its original date of March 4, in the odd numbered year after the November Election, to the 20th day of January in the odd numbered year after the November election). This is the famous one that has the memorable line “The Only thing else have to fear, is Fear Itself!” (Remember FDR was during the depths of the Great Depression, in Lincoln’s the Civil War was mostly won but not yet- it did not end until April1865). 2- ( ) See on YouTube, President JFK, Jan. 20,1961, (Where the line that is forever established in history- is his “Ask not what your country can do for you; ask what you can do for your country!”) Also he said, something like: ~’let the word go forth that the torch has been passed to a new Generation! ‘ and that he also said something to the effect of that ~ ‘we will go anywhere in the world, and bear any burden, pay any price to stand up for freedom and Liberty~’ ! (In JFK the Cold War was still raging! And he was to break with Eisenhower’s policies by sending Green Berets and CIA agents to Viet Nam to engage in the war that Eisenhower had avoided!)

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