CSUN The Two Cs and The Expansion of Presidential Power Essay Question

**Make sure to include a thesis in your essay. Please write “my thesis is” in the intro/conclusion so that I know that you have one.** **Essay Question:** **The two “Cs” and the Expansion of Presidential power** Briefly discuss the government structures and enumerated powers created by the U.S. Constitution (per Articles I, II & III). What were the guiding principles of the Framers in creating a “limited government” within the framework of coequal branches? How do scholars conceptualize the constitutional foundations and historical development of the Executive branch, its expansion of power and the subsequent development of the two “Cs” (formal/informal constitutional presidencies) and the rise of the “unitary executive”? Does its development contradict the Framers’ intentions? Why or Why not? What are are some other inherent contradictions and challenges found within the modern Presidency per the reading? Where do you see the power of the Executive in the next 10 years? Why? Include all course materials (films, readings, etc.) including _The Federalist Papers. You should clearly identify the types of formal /informal powers of the Executive in your response._ _ _ 5 pages (min) 1” margins Please use an approved citation style (Chicago, APA, MLA—your pick) Cite sources in text or via footnote. **Please provide a works cited page**. Please limit your sources to course materials. Do not use outside sources __ Late essays accepted with grade penalty.

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