CSU Cloud Management Research at Right Servers Inc Project Description

I’m working on a computer science Other and need support to help me understand better. # **Introduction** **** [A Statement of Work (SOW) will describe the capacity of work required to complete a project. It should be approved by all stakeholders and have an appropriate level of detail. The benefit is that stakeholders clearly comprehend what work is required. Give a brief description of the project and the duration of the work involved. Clearly list the products and services to be created.] **Scope of Work** [A well-defined statement of what the team expects to achieve is in this section. Although the specific tasks will be in the work requirements section, you should emphasize what will and will not be included in the scope of the project in general terms.] **Place of Performance** [This component will discuss where the work will be performed by the project team. It is important to define this when the client requires the project team to work at the client’s site. Explain the resources, equipment and/or work space that is needed.] **Time of Performance** **** [Outline the time of performance because it is typically a variable in the project’s cost (if any). The timeframe for the project can be pre- determined. If there are delays in a project and it will not be completed within the defined period of performance, an adjustment to this documentation may be required.] **Work Requirements** **** [Every effort should be made to include as much detail as possible. This component shall include a good description of the significant tasks in which the project will entail. Detail the tasks needed to complete thisproject.] **Schedule/Milestones** **** [Define a list of deliverables and milestones for this project. It is imperative that tasks, milestones, and schedule are accurate because the team will need to consider this in their proposals.] **Acceptance Criteria** **** [Define how the client will accept the products and services in the statement of work. The acceptance of deliverables is to be clearly understood by all stakeholders. This component should include a description of how both stakeholders will know when work is acceptable. Explain how they are to be accepted and who can accept the work.] **Any Other Requirements** **** [Additional requirements, such as environment concerns or security requirements will be examined in this section. Think about other concerns. Budgeting and anticipating costs are important.] Expectations for the SOW: * Thorough in addressing the most common questions that people will ask about the project. * A well-written SOW that will clearly define the scope of the project. * Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for the agreement between client and student(s). * Reduce miscommunication, misinterpretation, and misunderstanding. * Identify any boundaries or constraints.

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