Concordia University Chicago The Importance of Assistive Technology Research Paper

write the research proposal. All previous pieces including the research question, literature review, and method section should be included in this document with any necessary changes to incorporate feedback from the instructor and your classmates.( if you do not have all the files and docunments, please let me know to send them back) * this research proposal is the culminating project . Assignments 1, 2, and 3 are designed to be incorporated into the research proposal. In addition, a data analysis plan should be included. * The research proposal must include 10 references (at least 5 primary sources) and must utilize course readings to identify and explain key research concepts to demonstrate your understanding of the application of course content. * Actual tests/surveys/instruments are NOT required as appendices, but should be described with as much detail as is available or known. * The suggested page length for this proposal is 10-12 pages. * The research will NOT beconducted during the semester A sample research paper is attached.( i will send it to you)

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