Common Core Standards Encouraging Collaboration Between States in The US Essay

I’m working on a writing Other and need support to help me learn. For this assignment you will write an essay that critically reflects on the question: Can the Common Core Standards be successful? First, take time to read the reading below that share different viewpoints and perspectives. Then, think about your response to the question and your stance. Finally, write a _no more than_ 3-page essay stating and then supporting your stance. Your essay needs to include integration of lecture, course reading material, and your own thoughts. _*Please note that you are not being graded on your stance itself but on how well you support it._ Guidelines: 1. Provide an introduction to the issue including what it is and why it’s important. 2. End the introduction with a clear statement/response to the issue. 3. Provide 2-3 clear separate arguments with evidence (inclusion of course material) 4. Wrap up your argument and essay Overall writing quality and 2-3 pages and use of APA citations ## Rubric Reflection Essay Reflection Essay Criteria| Ratings| Pts —|—|— This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeIntroduction | | 3 pts Full Marks The issue is introduced and there is discussion about what the issue is and why it is important to understand. The introduction ends with a clear statement of the stance of the essay. | 1.5 pts Satisfactory The issue is very broadly defined and there is little attention to the questions what it is and why it is important. Or the stance of the essay is ambiguous. | 0 pts No Marks —|—|— 3 pts This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeArguments | | 6 pts Full Marks There are 2-3 clear, separate arguments that are fully supported with evidence. There is smooth integration of lecture, course reading material, and writer’s own thoughts. | 4 pts Satisfactory There are 2-3 clear arguments but they may be too similar in nature. There is support for the arguments but it does not integrate course material or readings. | 2 pts Work in Progress The arguments are missing support and evidence. There is no clear integration of course material. There may be only one argument. | 0 pts No Marks —|—|—|— 6 pts This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeConclusion | | 1 pts Full Marks There is a clear conclusion where the issue and arguments are revisited and wrapped up. | 0 pts No Marks The essay ends abruptly —|— 1 pts This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeWriting quality | | 2 pts Full Marks The essay is written with an academic tone and has little to no grammatical or spelling errors. Any evidence and support is cited with APA citations and there is a reference list. | 1 pts Satisfactory There are multiple grammatical or spelling errors. APA citing format may not have been used. | 0 pts No Marks —|—|— 2 pts Total Points: 12

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