Colorado University Conduct Disorder & Childhood Psychiatric Intricacy Paper

I’m working on a sociology discussion question and need a sample draft to help me understand better. The team lead member will first review the week’s video case presentation. They will then write an update or post a video to the group presenting this case to their peers. The lead is to add additional information that is not present in the video but may promote peer understanding of the case. You have permission to embellish here with demographic information that will support the selected diagnosis. For example, provide a time frame when the symptoms first presented if not present in the video. Add details to a significant event, or who was the primary caretaker if this type of information is not present in the video but needed to determine a diagnosis. The purpose here is to lessen time spent on asking these types of questions and allowing for a greater focus upon the criteria to select a diagnosis. The remaining group members will also watch the case video and read the lead member’s presentation (or watch their video video presentation). The members will address the diagnosis selected and support it from the readings (text/DSM5) or critically discuss a differential diagnosis they have selected with support. Having viewed the video “Conduct Disorder: Adolescent Onset” and read/viewed your team lead’s presentation, what other diagnosis might you consider given the symptoms and history presented in the video? Please provide at least 3 substantial paragraphs using professional terminology in APA 7 citing.

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