Colorado Technical Simplified Explanation of the Carbon Footprint Discussion

1. Select one of the three Term Options, and view the associated video * Option 1 – Ecological Footprint * Option 2 – Carbon Footprint * Option 3 – Human Carrying Capacity 2. Summarize what you learned about your selected term in a detailed paragraph. 3. Use one of the following calculators to determine your individual footprint: * Ecological Footprint calculator * Carbon Footprint calculator 4. Compare your values to the set of national averages from the calculator you used: * If you chose the Ecological Footprint calculator, compare your values to these national averages: * Ecological Footprint = 8.1 gha * Food = 2.0 gha * Shelter = 0.3 gha * Mobility = 3.5 gha * Goods = 0.8 gha * Services = 1.5 gha * If you chose the Carbon Footprint calculator, compare your values to these national averages: * Carbon Footprint = 66,810 lbs * Home Energy = 43,076 lbs * Transportation = 20,968 lbs * Waste = 2,766 lbs 5. In a detailed paragraph answer these questions using the results of your footprint calculation: * What would the impact be if each person in the world had the same footprint as you? * In what areas are your footprint values less than the national average? * In what areas are your footprint values greater than the national average? * Were these results surprising to you? Why or why not? 6. In a detailed paragraph, describe three ways you can reduce your footprint; which of these changes would be easiest, which would be hardest, and why.

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