Colorado State University Database Corona Virus Example Summary

Read Example 2 and explain your take away from it. Add additional information. Your document should be minimum 150 words. Please have credible references. Example 2: A graph that has been particularly helpful in communication the last several months is the line graph. As large numbers can be hard to conceptualize, the line graph has provided a visual of how quickly the virus is spreading. The first illustration, provided by Armstrong and Richter (2020), shows total confirmed cases of the Coronavirus. The second illustration, provided by (2013), shows how a line graph can visually report the weather. As I’ve lived in many climates, I focus on weather when making travel plans. Some people could also use it to avoid the hottest or coldest times to travel to a specific location. As for next steps, I would say my travel plans for Southern California would be best made for early spring or late fall. With an additional line graph on tourism rates throughout the year, I could narrow that down to late fall probably. In regard to the coronavirus, it would depend on a person’s outlook on the whole thing. For a positive outlook, one could say we are finally on our way to building herd immunity and it is likely we see the graph turn downward sometime soon. A more common conclusion is that with the rise of positive tests, there is a rise in deaths. In this case, someone’s next steps would be to keep up their elevated cleaning routine, wear their mask, and stay home as much as possible in order to reduce their chance of contracting the virus. ![Chart: World Surpasses Five Million Coronavirus Cases | Statista](![Climate in Los Angeles County, California]( References Armstrong, M., & Richter, F. (2020, May 22). Infographic: World Surpasses Five Million Coronavirus Cases. Retrieved August 18, 2020, from (Links to an external site.) (2013). Climate for Los Angeles County, California. Retrieved August 18, 2020, from Angeles County/

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