Colorado State Global Campus Human Service Values Research & Summaries Question

**PLEASE WRITE A 2 PAGE PAPER ON: ** **Think of a co-worker, friend, client/consumer, or family member with whom you interact regularly or in the recent past. Reflect on your listening and attending skills. What could you be doing better? What should you continue to do that seems effective?** **Develop a structured plan to improve your attending behavior with this particular individual or other individuals in general. Include any multicultural or diversity-related components to the plan. Reflect on the setting where you typically communicate with this individual. ** **2 pages ** **2 cited sources ** **APA FORMAT** **AND THEN…** **Please write a 250-word paragraph on: ** **Briefly summarized the five human service values presented in this week’s reading and Interactive Lecture. Then describe a situation in which you would have difficulty using one of those values as a guiding principle for your actions. Why is the human services value you selected difficult to practice? Propose solutions that address these difficulties. ** **The five human service values are acceptance, tolerance, self-determination, respect for individuality, and confidentiality. **

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