College of Saint Benedict Network TCP IP Communication Model Implementation

Part A TCP/IP Implementation of the Communication Model In this assignment, you will study the TCP/IP implementation of the communication model in a client-server network. You will also learn to manipulate numbers, text strings, and lists in Using the South University Online Library or the Internet, research TCP/IP implementation of the communication model. Based on your research and readings for the week, complete the following tasks: * Provide a detailed table that lists 2–3 commonly encountered Internet applications and the protocols they use. Additionally, include in your table, in a separate column, the associated transport layer ports. In addition, explain why TCP implements a 3-way handshake for connection establishment. Is 2-way insufficient? Does 4-way add more reliability? Make sure to use your own graphic illustration to support your input. Part B This week, you will start the course project assignment on implementing a distributed library application. The course project assignment is a comprehensive assignment, and each week, you will be completing part of this assignment based on the content covered in the week. In the project, you are required to implement a distributed library application that is based on P2P architecture. A classic example of a P2P system is Gnutella. Course Project Part 1—Reviewing a Case Study Gnutella is a P2P architecture which allow for file-sharing over the web without using a server. In this week, complete the following tasks: * Read the Gnutella case study “Peer-to-Peer Architecture Case Study: Gnutella Network.” Click here to access the case study. For more details on P2P, click here Feel free to search for other online tutorials on Gnutella. * In a Microsoft Word document, briefly describe how Gnutella handles new member JOIN, SEARCH, BROWSE, and DOWNLOAD requests. Additionally, select any other filesharing tool and compare it with Gnutella

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