Citronelle High School Changes in Organization Budget Discussion

Current conditions (including COVID-19) have caused a significant impact to the economy of your jurisdiction. Last year you submitted your budget proposal for approval; your approval authority had very few changes to recommend. You are now preparing your budget for the coming year, and you are already aware that there will be issues with funding your programs. You cannot count on level funding as the economic impact is still developing. Prior to the current economic impact your department was one which was progressive in both hiring and training; training was also significant in your recruitment efforts. Officers from other jurisdictions wanted to be employed at your department because you offer “beyond the minimum” training as required by your state’s Standards and Training Commission (or the equivalent). You have assigned the actual development of the budget to members of your staff. Your challenge for this assignment is to develop a presentation and supporting materials which will illustrate to your elected officials how your organization will change in order to reflect the economic situation while maintaining training standards. The safety of your community is your paramount concern. You do not need to specifically answer each of the points listed below; they are presented for your guidance. ·How do you demonstrate to the elected officials and to the community that services will meet their needs? ·How do you maintain the morale of your employees? ·Do you institute changes to your recruiting model? Your assignment should include a timeline; you may construct any supporting materials. Students in past classes have written documents in Microsoft Word, made PowerPoint presentations, and even made videos. The assignment should be developed to the draft stage, but suitable for presentation to your Mayor or Chief Elected Official. There is not a limit or minimum of words, pages, or slides if you choose to develop a Word document or PowerPoint; you should be able to describe and fully support your concept.

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