California State University San Marcos Child Philosophy Paper

Preliminary information: 1. Think about all we’ve discussed this semester related to curriculum planning for preschool-aged children, including: • room arrangement and set up • outdoor area arrangement and set up • materials, supplies, equipment, and supplies • learning centers or interest areas • schedule • routines • rituals • guidance 2. Think about your philosophy of early childhood education, including your beliefs about: • theoretical influences • curriculum model • guidance • role of the teacher 3. Think about the interests of many typically developing preschool aged children: • animals • food • insects, bugs, and spiders • beaches and ocean • bubbles • construction • emotions and feelings • transportation • community helpers (including trash truck drivers) • pets and animals • dirt, rocks, sand, and soil • weather • gardening • families • environment and recycling • seasons Assignment: Using the planning guide template you will be completing a grid of weekly planned possibilities for a group of 12 preschool-aged children, based on the preliminary information provided above. • 1. Start with a brief summary of your philosophy. • 2. Briefly describe the highlights of your room environment and set up. • 3. Briefly describe the highlight of your outdoor environment and set up. • 4. Identify two-three interests of the children from the list above. • 5. Complete the planning guide. • 6. Finish with a justification of choices in the planning guide. • 7. Include your daily schedule for a 8:00-12:30 program.

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