California Career College Carlos E Del Castillo Oceanographer at NASA Report

### What makes a hero of science? Please choose ONE person from an under-represented group in science, such as Latinx, Black, Filipino, LGBTQ, woman, etc… They don’t _have_ to be a marine scientist, but I would like you to try to find an example of how their work links to the study of the Earth or her ocean in some way. ### What kind of report? Your report should include a list of references used to research the works of your chosen hero. Photos, figures and graphs are encouraged but do not count toward the length guidelines listed below. Any of the following formats will be accepted: * Written report (5 pages maximum length, 12 pt font, double-spaced) * Podcast (5 minutes maximum length) * YouTube video (5 minutes maximum length) * Slideshow (15 slides maximum length) With your permission, quality submissions will be shared with the campus community during 2021 events to highlight the achievements of those who deserve to be better represented in science. If you have questions or concerns, I am happy to respond. =)

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