Cal Poly Pomona Corporate Structure of Morton Thiokol and NASA Discussion

**Challenger Disaster and Ethical Issues** **** **Page 1 of the Topic Paper: Identify Impediments, Discuss Decisions , Discuss Major Players, Analyze Actions, Provide Thoughtful Analyses** **** * Study the discussion topic * Review material related to Impediments to Responsible Decision Making. * Pick a major player from the Challenger case and analyze their actions based on the various impediments discussed. * Players you could choose include Boisjoly, Cook, MacDonald, Thompson, Malloy, Lund, Mason, or Lovinggood, whom ever relates to your team topic. **Page 2 of Topic Paper: List two Important Lessons Learned and the importance of the lessons** Write one page devoted to the two most important things you personally learned from the Challenger Disaster case and why, as relating to discussion topic **Discussion topic is :** Corporate Structure of Morton Thiokol and NASA – Analyze the Challenger Case from the standpoint of the corporate structure, chain of command, or interpersonal dynamics within Morton Thiokol and NASA. What influence did the director of NASA at Marshall have on the decision to launch. **Note: I have uploaded the study case of challenger disaster and Impediments to Responsible Decision Making.** **This assignment should be two pages using MLA FORMAT**

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