BU ?behavioral Intervention Plan Raj Autism Spectrum Disorder Case Study

******Behavioral Intervention Plan (BIP)** **Directions:** Select one case study scenario from the first assignment titled, _Case Study Analysis of Student Behaviors_. Write a behavioral intervention plan for the student mentioned in the case study. Your written report should be 2-3 pages in length. Use the following statements to guide your written report: 1. List the student’s academic strengths and abilities. **** 2. List the student’s social and behavioral strengths while interacting with teachers and classmates. **** 3. List accommodations necessary during instruction that may help the student to engage in appropriate behaviors. **** 4. Explain previously implemented behavioral interventions that have been effective and ineffective in remediating the behavior difficulties of the student. **** 5. List the problematic behavior(s) displayed by the student as follows: (a) explain the inappropriate behavior; (b) describe the appropriate behavior that will replace the inappropriate behavior, and (c) identify a behavioral intervention that will be used to remediate the inappropriate behavior. **** 6. Explain who will be involved in evaluating the student’s behavior. Explain under which circumstances will the problematic behavior be documented. **** 7. Provide a measurable description of the behavior changes expected. Describe how the success of the behavioral intervention will be measured. **** 8. Provide a schedule for when and how often the plan will be reviewed to determine its effectiveness. **** 9. Describe when and how the information will be shared between home and school. **** 10. Provide recommendations for managing behaviors that may lead to a crisis intervention. Resources: https://www.behaviorbabe.com/7dimensions.htm

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