Broward Community College Practicum Journal Two Paper

This is reflective journal #2 ( final entry) on my nursing practicum (1-2 pages). I will send reflective journal 1 to give an idea. Detailed instructions are attached below. I will provide information on my rotation as well as a sample paper to an assigned tutor _1. Choose to write about any aspect(s) of practice which:_ Feel the intervention made a difference in a client outcome Feel went unusually well Feel did not go as planned Think captures the essence of nursing practice _2. The focus should be on the nursing practice_ * What was going on (the context of the situation)? * Shift, time of day, resources, the clinical scenario * What happened? * Detailed description of situation/incident/experience * Why is this incident important? * What were the concerns at the time? What thoughts and feeling during and after the experience? What influenced the decision-making? What, if anything, was the most demanding aspect of this experience? What was unexpected? _3. Choose to write about the following:_ A reflection or evaluation of the situation showing the competencies and expertise used (skilled communication, teaching, leadership). Support these with current evidence-based practice literature. Journal entries should exceed no more than two (2) pages in length (not including reference page). _Journal entries should include a minimum of two (2) citations from a peer- reviewed, evidence-based journal._ The inclusion of evidence-based practice is an integral part of learning, critical thinking and growth therefore must be relevant to the journal topic and shows relevant learning.

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