Boston University Autism Classroom Management and Behavioral Support Journal

### Virtual Clinical Experience Journal **Directions:** **** Write a two page journal entry that includes your observation of examples and non-examples of effective strategies used for classroom management and behavioral supports after watching these two videos of classrooms working with students with autism. Your journal entry should include the following: 1. Describe the classroom management plan: What are the classroom rules for all students? What are the positive consequences used to support appropriate behavior? What are the negative consequences used to modify and prevent student misbehavior? Is the classroom management plan effective in working with students with autism spectrum disorders? Why or why not? 2. Describe the physical environment of the classroom: What is the seating arrangement of the classroom? How does the seating arrangement of the classroom help increase or diminish behavioral difficulties? Does the layout of the classroom appear to encourage socially acceptable classroom behavior? Explain. **** 3. Describe behavioral support strategies: What behavioral support strategies are used to remediate behavioral difficulties? How often are behavioral support strategies implemented? Do the behavioral support strategies help students to become engaged in learning? Why or why not? How are the students’ behavioral needs being accommodated? **** 4. Discuss implications for classroom practice: How does your philosophy of classroom management impact the behavioral management and support strategies you intend to use in your classroom? Provide specific examples to support your implications for classroom practice. ****

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