Borderline Personality Disorder Workplace Discrimination and Media Violence Essays

Pick any writings about psychology and write three separate papers. one page for each one. You have a great deal of freedom with how you write the three papers. Each essay needs to summarize and comment on some type of research in psychology, and should be 1-2 pages typed and double-spaced. Each essay is worth 1 SONA credit, you can write all or none of them depending on how many credits you earned through SONA. You should describe the research conducted, and then finish with your thoughts and analysis. This could be addressing questions you still have about the topic, future applications of the knowledge gained, or some other response or analysis of what the study (or studies) meant to you. Any topic is appropriate so long as you reference evidence from the textbook, journal articles, or other academic sources to support some part of your claim. Peer-reviewed scientific journals are preferred, but you could make a case for another source if you choose, so long as it includes clear evidence in explaining the research. As long as you explain a real study, cite your source (APA style preferred but not required) and demonstrate that you put some thought into the paper, you should expect full credit. You can submit the essays to me via a Top Hat assignment which will be set up shortly, and should be able to copy and paste your paper into the response window. Some formatting may be lost, but this will not impair my ability to read or grade your work. All papers are due by the last day of classes, 12/9. Please contact me with any further questions. Thank you.

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