Bethel University Five Types of Distance Analyses in Criminological Event Essay

For this unit’s Complete assignment, write a comprehensive scholarly essay (minimum 1500 words) in which you analyze, explain, and apply these concepts in the context of a law enforcement crime mapping issue. You must incorporate and cite, using correct APA citation format, at least 4 different scholarly research sources. Be sure your essay demonstrates a comprehensive understanding of the READ and ATTEND sections from this unit. In-line citations must be used in the body of your essay, and all research sources must be fully cited at the conclusion of your essay. Correct APA citation formats must be used. After reviewing the material from the READ and ATTEND sections for this week write a comprehensive essay that includes the following elements: * Choose one of the five types of distance analyses and apply it successfully to a particular criminological event of interest in your jurisdiction or region. Demonstrate that your choice of that type of distance analysis is applicable to the information you wish to find. * Identify and describe two salient issues in the varied efforts of mapping crimes for two distinct audiences, their purposes and recommended types of presentation. * Discuss why are tactical maps so important? What are some of the barriers to creating effective tactical maps? * What is spatial autocorrelation, and why is it important in crime mapping and spatial-behavioral studies? Provide a practical example of how it might affect crime mapping.

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